Woman hailed over 16p hack to make fans even cooler during sweltering heatwave

It’s seriously hot at the moment, and as temperatures are set to soar yet again over the weekend, we’re trying to find the perfect way to cool down, because fans alone just don’t seem to be cutting it.

Look no more though, because one woman has come up with a hack that mimics having air conditioning at home – and it costs just 16p.

All you need is a fan and a couple of ice pops from the freezer.

Jacqueline posted the cool hack on her TikTok, and she showed herself securing ice pops to the front of the fan with some clear hair elastics.

She said: “My life hack of the day. You know these little elastic hairbands you get? Attach them to your fan, pull it through.

“Then you go and buy some of these (ice pops), long ones, make sure they’re frozen.

“Put them through the loops in the fan… aircon. Cold air.

“Best thing about these, you can chuck them back in the freezer, get some more out and you’ve got more cold air!”

And ice pops aren’t expensive – you can get a box of 20 Mr Freeze ice pops for just £1.70 from supermarkets, which works out mega cheap.

“That is genius,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“What a brilliant idea I know what I am off to get tomorrow thanks”, another said.

Others suggested some more great tips to keep you cool in the heatwave, writing: “Top tip – get a hot water bottle, fill it up, stick it in the freezer and when you go to bed get it out and you have a lovely cold bottle to take to bed with you.”

Another said: “Pop a frozen bottle of water In front or behind it.”

Some sceptics were questioning whether it was safe, but Jacqueline replied: “They’re at the front so if they do drip it won’t be in the base as they’re too far forward for that.”