Pinter launches fresh brew device perfect for summer and you can make up to 10 pints

With a heatwave expected for much of the UK this weekend and next week especially, it’s time to prepare for our first ‘normal’ summer since the pandemic started.

Whether it’s a garden party, BBQ, or your next impromptu get together you’re planning for, nothing beats a fresh beverage in the sun.

Beer lovers? This one’s for you.

Anyone who fancies a fresh brew is in luck as Pinter, who are leaders in the Fresh Brewing industry, recently launched the Pinter 2.

The Pinter 2 retails for £129 and is a stylish and innovative reimagining of the traditional beer keg.

It’s a world-first fresh brewing device that allows you to make 10 pints of fresh beer at home with every use – how good is that?

Pinter 2

This innovative reimagining of the traditional beer keg, available in numerous colourways is perfect for summer.

The Pinter 2 is a world-first Fresh Brewing device that allows you to make 10 pints of Fresh Beer at home with every use.


Home brewers need to simply add Pinter Fresh Press packs, which start from as little as £12 and are sold separately. You’ll use water per the instructions provided and 4-10 days later will have your own hand made fresh beer to enjoy.

Fresh Press packs contain ten pints worth of a bottled mix of premium malt, hops (or fruit) and water.

Pinter 2 is a gateway to more than 20 different beers and ciders – from European inspired lagers (Fresh Republic) to American Pale Ale (Stars & Stripes), Brown Ale (Lost in Translation) to cider (Whole Nine Yards) – there’s something for everyone who likes a fresh pint.

And the best news?

The environmental benefits of the Pinter are nothing short of stunning.

There’s 70% less packaging and 50% less Co2 for every 10 pints you get from the Pinter when compared to a similar amount of unfresh beer.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Pinter to shop your unit in time for summer.